Fundraising and Program Development

Get ahead of the competition

There is growing money for sustainability work. Energy costs are rising and public and private investment in "green" is at an all time high.

Climate Action Associates LLC is an expert at finding, securing, and simply knowing about resources that are out there. We know how to draw sustainability linkages between your ideas and programs needed to win competitive sustainability funding. Our Horizons product suite and our ability to design custom climate tools to your specs will enable you to offer funders innovative programs and services that will beat the competition. We can navigate complex grant requirements, build compelling storylines, find critical matching funding and assemble strategic partnerships. Our experts have won millions of dollars worth of federal funding including proposals ranked #1 in highly competitive solicitations. Best of all, we work fast.

We offer services varying from turnkey coordination and delivery of multi-million dollar federal grants to simply offering advice on how to design your programs and proposals. If you've got your eye on some funding but just aren't quite sure you have the time to do it, or if you just want some ideas on how to crack it, give us a call for a free consultation. We'll kick some ideas around with you.