Climate Action Planning

Get There

Your long term vision needs an action plan. Effective plans are not just a statement of goals or aspirations, but are actionable lists of measures backed with a system to monitor and verify your progress. For your energy and climate goals, we'll help you understand what you can achieve by when and then help you lay out a strategic roadmap to get there. Creating a climate action plan involves:

  • Engaging staff, strategic partners, and the public.
  • Setting up a Greenhouse Gas Management System to create your initial baseline and to track progress over time.
  • Performing detailed technical and cost-benefit analysis of a variety of potential measure including transportation, land use, waste management, energy efficiency, and renewable energy options.
  • Evaluating the lifecycle and supply chain carbon impact of your procurement decisions.
  • Facilitating a multi-stakeholder process to select measures to be included in the plan.
  • Setting up Monitoring and Verification.

Our team has led or been involved in number of community and local government planning processes around the country. Call us today and we'd be happy to give you suggestions on how to get started or on how to improve your current plan.