Custom GHG Management Systems

Thinking Beyond the Baseline

You've made a long term commitment to save energy and reduce GHG emissions. Before you follow conventional wisdom and hire an expensive consultant to produce an initial GHG baseline, let us show you how to use your investment to establish long-term tracking with our Greenhouse Gas Management System. Sadly, we've seen communities spend $100,000+ to build one-off complex and academic baselines that are simply useless as performance management tools. Conversely we've seen communities spend $5,000-10,000 on effective baselines well positioned for long term management.

We believe the two keys to cost effective GHG tracking are (1) thinking long term from day one, and (2) "right sizing" your inventory approach. Did you know that an equally "protocol compliant" inventory could take twenty hours of labor, or two hundred, based on the level of accounting detail? While increasing detail can be an asset, it can also become an expensive liability if it's not needed to support your goals.

We help you first consider your financial and management constraints and goals. For example, are you starting with one-time grant fund or will you have a sustained revenue source? Do you wish to establish a tracking system that does not require further external funding? Ideally, who will manage your climate and energy tracking? Staff, consultants, students, or volunteers?

Once we identify your management strategy, we build for you a custom GHG Management System (GMS) that is compatible with management objectives. The GMS includes:

  • A simple step-by-step organizational procedures manual to update your inventory and related policy tracking metrics.
  • A set of data request templates with easy to follow instructions to solicit data from each department or stakeholder.
  • A set of technology tools needed to assemble and store data, make calculations, and update reports. In a simple GMS, this could be a spreadsheet system managed by an individual staff or intern. For a large organizations spread out in many locations, it could be a commercially available enterprise-class carbon accounting software that enables hundreds of distributed staff to manage data directly.

We build your GMS custom to your organization and integrate it into your existing operations and data systems. When you start your baseline process each year, each department will know what they need to do, when they need to do it, and how much time it will take them to do it.

Contact us today to learn about the Climate Action Associates GMS approach today.