Regional GHG Management Innovation

Horizons Sustainability Information Systemâ„¢

Federal, state, regional, and local governments across the nation are engaging communities to become more energy and carbon efficient. To be successful they will require constant streams of data on energy consumption, transportation demand, waste generation, and many other metrics.

It's a mess out there. Nationwide, on the data supply side there are 3000+ utilities and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) each with expansive and overlapping service territories. They individually manage data in a unique way and are not set up to provide community level data in a consistent way. On the demand side there are thousands of communities that want data to support plan monitoring. However, they want data automated and consistently aggregated across communities and providers so they can compare "apples to apples" with peers nationwide. Unfortunately neither side is an expert in sustainability metrics and so both waste countless sums of money in grassroots efforts to get or to give data that has little chance of being consistent anyway.

Climate Action Associates LLC has designed an elegant approach to bridge the world of data supply and demand, and to standardize and automate continuous data flow and GHG baselines between large networks of communities and data providers. Therefore, if you are:

  • Developing or managing a regional GHG inventory, or setting regional targets
  • A state or regional agency seeking to create powerful climate tools for your communities
  • A community interested in simply receiving automated data and GHG inventories that are consistent with others
  • A foundation interesting advancing nationwide data harmonization policy and research

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