Management Team

Jim Yienger, Managing Principal


Jim is a forward thinker and leader in local government climate and sustainability with 20 years of experience in climate science, local energy policy, and software technology. He has a knack for standing back from individual problems, finding systematic root causes, and creating solutions that scale to standards. His first professional assignment as an undergraduate was to create an emissions accounting framework for a climate model run by NOAA and Princeton University. Recognizing a larger need he instead drafted and published a generic accounting framework consumable by the global modeling community that is still accepted as standard by most major climate models in the world. He went on to publish more than 10 peer reviewed papers and is an invited speaker at numerous national and international venues.

Later he began a 9 year engagement with ICLEI USA, where launched ICLEI's India office and expanded three other offices before returning home and assuming the role of Technical and Policy Director. He raised more than 3 million dollars for programs and helped pioneer many of ICLEI's standards and GHG management tools such as CACP 2009 and the Local Government Operations Protocol (LGOP)- the most widely used climate tools by local government in the US. Overall, in helping to shepherd ICLEI's growth from 50 members in 2001 to more than 600 today, he has worked with hundreds of local and state governments on climate change issues.

Today, in addition to Climate Action Associates LLC Jim sits on the Zoning Board of his home town, the City of Watervliet, NY. In his spare time he restores antique houses. His latest projects include an 1860 Greek Revival farmhouse and a 1950's ranch house that was built entirely around and architecturally integrate a stainless steel Wagner pull-behind camper. Yes it's weird but it's pretty neat.

Alessandro Muti, Technology Principal


Alessandro is one of those rare individuals that is both a skilled technology practitioner and a successful entrepreneur. He is a visionary and creative senior technologist with over 20 years of experience in creating mission-critical multi-tier enterprise client/server systems, database-driven information management applications, and hardware/software integration. Alessandro specializes in technology development, innovation and regulatory compliance. He is a results oriented visionary thinker with strategic and complex problem solving skills. He is a charismatic leader focused on gathering diverse technical talent and on developing and motivating high-performing teams.

Alessandro's team works at the extreme forefront of software technology, with world-caliber software engineering experience across most platforms. He spent a decade at Microsoft, where he played a key role in the development of Windows, led the development team for the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine and designed and architected all components for the Windows Out of the Box Experience connectivity technology. As the development lead and architect for the Windows Update team, Alessandro developed and delivered the core Critical Update and Automatic Update technologies that are utilized by several hundred million users every day. Several of his patents are the stepping stones of BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer System). Most recently he was the Founder and CTO of Serriform, a design and enterprise software solutions technology consulting firm that developed and delivered several custom applications for a wide variety of customers ranging from nationwide retailers to government agencies. His company was acquired in 2005 by Ascentium Corporation where he served as the organization CTO and Managing Partner until September of 2009.

Alessandro is frequently engaged both as a speaker in industry conferences and as a contributor to several technology magazines. In other words, Alessandro is a technologist's technologist.